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If you feel any of your rights as a victim have been violated, we can help. 

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Crime Victims Have Rights

Victims of crime in Pennsylvania have rights throughout the various stages of the criminal justice process. Some crime victim’s rights violations can be addressed in court by filing a motion with the judge, or the prosecutor’s office could file a motion on your behalf. 

You have the right to be told about: 

  • Basic services available in your county 
  • Court events, including information on bail, the escape/release of the offender, preliminary hearings, trials guilty pleas, sentencing and final disposition of the case 

You have the right to receive: 

  • Notice of the arrest of the offender 
  • Information about restitution and assistance with compensation 
  • Accompaniment to all criminal proceedings by a family member, a victim advocate, or a support person 

You have the right to provide comment concerning: 

  • Sentencing decisions and to receive help in preparing a verbal and/or written victim impact statement. 
  • Post-sentencing decisions including parole consideration, pardons and clemency, medical or compassionate release.


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