Apply for the Homeless Assistance Program


If you are a Pennsylvanian experiencing or at risk of homelessness, the Homeless Assistance Program (HAP) may be able to help. 
  • Are you or someone you know in danger of being evicted from your apartment or home?
  • Have you already been evicted and are currently experiencing homelessness and do not know where to go for help?
  • Have you lost housing due to the building being condemned, a fire or natural disaster?
  • Are you having problems budgeting your finances and home management?

HAP can help people experiencing homelessness find refuge and care.

HAP can help families and individuals experiencing homelessness become self-sufficient and secure permanent living arrangements.

HAP can also provide homelessness prevention activities, which allow persons who are near homeless to retain affordable housing or move to more affordable housing.

Income Guidelines

The maximum level for income eligibility for HAP is between 100 percent and 200 percent of the United States Department of Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines

Get Help Now

Call the Homeless Assistance Program in your county to request help with your housing situation.

HAP Services

HAP is administered by counties and can provide the following services:

Case Management:

This service is designed to assist you in identifying your needs and the reasons why you became homeless or near homeless. Case management allows the case manager to identify needs and provide services before a family loses housing. The focus of Case Management is to provide you with the tools and skills that you needed to prevent you from ever being in a homeless situation again. A major role of the case manager is advocating for families or individuals experiencing or at risk for homelessness in their search for permanent housing and in navigating the social service and educational systems. The many services include budgeting, life skills, job preparation, home management and referral to drug and alcohol services, if necessary.

Rental Assistance:


If you are in danger of being evicted from your apartment or home, your county HAP provider may be able to assist you with payments for rent, mortgage, security deposits and utilities. The HAP provider obtain the landlord’s agreement to rent to you in the future or to stop eviction proceedings. The HAP provider can also work with you to find a more affordable housing. HAP can also be used to move you out of a shelter/temporary housing into an affordable permanent living arrangement.

Bridge Housing:

Bridge Housing is a transitional service that allows clients who are in temporary housing to move to supportive long-term living arrangements while preparing to live independently. This is "The Bridge" that will move you from being homeless into stable long-term housing. This is usually the next step up from an emergency shelter. This service will allow you to stay in a shared facility or apartment for up to 18 months. You may be assessed a small co-pay depending on your income. You will receive case management services to assist you with your goal in living in your own home or apartment.

Emergency Shelter:



If you are currently homeless and have no permanent residence or are a victim of domestic violence, the Emergency Shelter component can help. The Emergency Shelter can provide refuge and care to persons in immediate need due to eviction, the building being condemned, a fire or natural disaster providing you with shelter, for a short period of time. During that time, you will be provided with case management services to assist you with securing more permanent housing. Under certain circumstances, HAP can pay to house individuals for an average of three to five days at a hotel or motel.

Innovative Supportive Housing Service:

This component enables the service provider to design a supportive housing service for homeless and near-homeless persons that is outside the scope of existing HAP components and addresses unique county needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

HAP has assisted with this issue in the past by utilizing the Innovative Supportive Housing component to help individuals and families with start-up furniture, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, etc. The case management component will help you in making referrals to clothing banks, food banks and other social service agencies.

HAP can provide you with three to five nights at a hotel/motel until you can move into your new home.

Some eligibility criteria can be waived if you need HAP services due to a disaster or domestic violence, you will be evaluated based solely on your need.

During a consecutive 24-month period, you may receive up to a maximum of $1,000 for adult-only households or $1,500 for families or households with children.


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Your County’s Homeless Assistance Program will connect you with help. 

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