Act 60

Act 60 of 2022 requires the implementation of canine training and certification standards for municipal police officers.

Canine Training

The Commission, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania State Police and Municipal Police Departments’ Canine Units, established a Canine Training and Certification Program. This program is published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin, and it establishes standards for basic and maintenance canine training, as well as initial and annual evaluations for certification. The program also establishes requirements for documentation of initial and annual evaluations and the retention of all documentation of basic and maintenance training. All initial and annual evaluations shall be documented on the Canine Unit Evaluation Form.

The program provides a list of recognized organizations that train, evaluate, and certify police canines and canine units. Initial and annual evaluations must be conducted by one of these published organizations to comply with Act 60. Other organizations may be considered for recognition under Act 60, and if interested, should complete and submit the MPO-243 Application for Approval of Canine Organizations to