Municipal Police Instructor Certification

Individuals seeking certification as a Municipal Police Instructor (MPI) must meet the qualification criteria established in Title 37 § 203.72 and be hired by a Certified Municipal Police Academy.

Instructor types

There are several types of certified instructors as shown below.

General Instructors

General Instructors are certified to teach all academic classes not covered by the special instructors (defined below).

Special Instructors

Special Instructors are certified to teach one (or more) of the classes not covered by the general instructors. The qualifications for each specialty varies, and each certification may be held independently of the others.

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Firearms
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Application of Force
  • Patrol Vehicle Operation

Becoming Certified

The employing academy must submit the required application via TACS. For more information about becoming a certified municipal police instructor, contact one of the Certified Municipal Police Academies.