Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Pennsylvania Correctional Industries

Pennsylvania Correctional Industries (PCI) employs incarcerated men and women to produce a variety of items that are available for sale to non-profit organizations and government entities. 

An inmate welds metal

PCI jobs provide inmates with basic work skills and ethic. It is self-sustaining through the sale of PCI products and services, and receives no money from the General Fund — which saves public tax dollars.

Please browse our site to learn about the many products and services we offer to eligible customers.


A map showing which DOC facilities include a PCI program

​Eligible Customers

By law, Pennsylvania Correctional Industries may only sell to:

  • Commonwealth agencies
  • Political subdivisions of the Commonwealth, state, municipal or county authority created by or under the laws of the Commonwealth
  • State institutions, educational or charitable institutions receiving aid from the Commonwealth
  • Any entity that is part of the federal government
  • Other states, political subdivisions or authority thereof
  • Any institution receiving aid from the federal government
  • Any holder of a current PA tax exempt number


Each year, Pennsylvania Correctional Industries produces a printable calendar that highlights the pay days and holidays for Commonwealth employees.

Download a printable version of the calendar