If you believe in your power to power through, welcome to a state that believes the same. Pennsylvania has three centuries of experience in turning sheer determination into awe-inspiring success.

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Even can-do spirit needs a little support sometimes. That’s why we offer the ideal environment for fostering and realizing your dreams. Here, you’ll find extraordinary incubator networks, supportive local governments, educational opportunities, collaborative fellow entrepreneurs, communities in the midst of a vibrant renaissance, and a population with a taste for local eateries and microbrews, authentic products, and new experiences.

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Here, perseverance leads to noteworthy achievements.

Hardworking, dedicated entrepreneurs meet hardworking, dedicated communities. The can-do spirit is pervasive here. It’s in our businesses and main streets, our history, and our future. Another great example of how vision, work ethic, and Pennsylvania pride are a recipe for success.

“We work really hard to make the finest guitars in the world. That’s just the culture that we have here in Pennsylvania.” Joel Zingone, Talent Specialist, C.F. Martin & Co.
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We admit it: we take pride in the hard work that leads to accomplishment. It defines us and binds us together. It also creates a completely unique business environment.

We see an entrepreneur’s determination and match it with our own. We take an interest, we pitch in, we spread the word.

Sure, there’s economic value in your success, but it’s more than that. If you’re willing to work, to persevere, to dig in, then you belong here. Welcome home.

The Modern-Day Explorer: The Entrepreneur.
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The Modern-Day Explorer: The Entrepreneur.

If there’s one thing Pennsylvania knows about entrepreneurs, it’s that you’re always ready to start something. Whether your business represents a passion, mission, solution, or the drive to be the best, you’re willing to take the road less traveled, incur some risk, and work, work, work. In our experience, your efforts reap will some pretty incredible rewards.

We have always been pioneers — valuing lifelong learning, celebrating curiosity, and pushing boundaries. It’s how we constantly break down old barriers, discover new ideas, and exceed expectations.

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