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Creativity has its place, and it’s in Pennsylvania. Our imaginative spirit removes obstacles and preconceptions, opens doors and possibilities, and creates a vibrant — and much happier — life.

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Whether it’s a lifelong passion, a creative spark, or an utterly original concept, it belongs here.
We have the people and places that will help you hone your idea, develop your talent, and create a new following, business, or way of life.

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We see things differently here.

Creativity and imagination are pivotal to progress, economic success, and community sustainability. Pennsylvania knows it and has established programs and opportunities across the state to attract, nurture, and support the artists who enrich our lives.

Creating more opportunities for artists was a great way to revitalize urban areas. Kassie Hilgert CEO, ArtsQuest


Imagination powers possibility, and Pennsylvanians are big believers in possibility. We see it everywhere, in everything, and everyone.

Possibility has transformed train tracks into bike trails, forgotten buildings into creative sanctuaries, and a simple idea into an international business or a life-saving cure.

Because we are open to possibility, we’re also open to each other — our different perspectives, histories, and values. This type of understanding and tolerance is what Pennsylvania was founded on; it’s what we still imagine today.

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Some of our best solutions are the imaginative ones.

We know it’s not always about looking at things as they are; it’s seeing how they could be. Our creative spirit isn’t satisfied with status quo; we want to explore other avenues, find new materials, develop new solutions. To be honest, we can’t imagine it any other way.

We strive to be open to new opportunities, ideas and perspectives.
This is how we grow and learn, develop respect and understanding, and create a welcoming environment.

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