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You’re an innovator. We’re a state that believes in the power of change and supporting big ideas. Maybe that’s why so many tech companies launch and build their businesses here.

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We have a deep and diverse talent pool.
It’s no wonder that innovative companies — from robotics to gaming to advanced manufacturing — choose to make their ideas a reality in Pennsylvania. With experienced, savvy professionals and new grads from Pennsylvania’s impressive list of colleges and universities, we’ve got top-tier talent ready to make their mark and make a difference.

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If there’s anyone who can understand the promise of a bold new idea or company, it’s Pennsylvania. After all, innovation is in our DNA. We share your passion, and we have the resources, the people, and the places to help you take the next step.

It’s really easy to grow a business here because people are looking for good jobs, where there is opportunity for growth. Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, CEO AcousticSheep LLC
An Innovative Approach to Life


As a top state for innovation and technology, Pennsylvania attracts recent college grads and a younger work demographic.

We keep them by creating endless opportunities for a happy life. That means great, eclectic restaurants, diverse cultural events, professional sports teams, and plenty of opportunity to get lost in the outdoors. It also means an affordable standard of living.

Innovation keeps our state on its toes, striving to offer and be more. And that’s good for everyone.

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A tight-knit innovative community.

On any given day, you’ll find material scientists, biotechnologists, engineers, artists, and designers working together to solve problems and create innovative solutions. Such is the nature of a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment that refuses to limit expertise, ideas, or success.

Ours is a state that values and believes in personal freedom. We celebrate the freedom to think and dream big, the freedom to achieve, and the freedom to pursue a life of meaning and happiness.

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