Working and Training in PA

Working and Training in PA

PAsmart is a workforce development initiative that helps connect Pennsylvanians with resources for working and training in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvanians have never shied away from hard work, pursuing education opportunity, and seeking out training.

Through this initiative, Pennsylvania will have the most prepared and talented workforce in the country. We’re not working harder; we’re working smarter.

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When deciding what comes next, Pennsylvania has several resources available for guiding you through the process — from choosing a college and program of study to finding assistance to pay for your degree.

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Training and Apprenticeships

A college degree isn’t the only path to success. Apprenticeships give you the life-changing opportunity to earn a living while you learn the new skills you need. Apprenticeships are available in many industries across Pennsylvania.

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Career Paths

Whether you’re a student, a job seeker, currently employed, or looking to rejoin the workforce, we can help.

A PAsmart career offer the opportunity for work today, while gaining the skills of tomorrow. You pick the way you grow, whether it be training, an apprenticeship or further education.

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