A useful tool for keeping in touch with loved ones and enjoying games, books, and music.

Inmates at state correctional facilities are permitted to purchase and use tablets while incarcerated. ViaPath Technologies is the company used for making tablet purchases. Friends and family members who have questions about inmate tablets may contact the ViaPath Technologies Friends and Family Customer Service phone line at 877.650.4249.

Tablets do not have WiFi, photo, or any office suite. This specific tablet is approved by the DOC and is only loaded with DOC-approved applications. Tablets come equipped with a mortality timer that requires the device to be synced to the Kiosk for an update every 30 days or the tablet will lock.

Tablet Features

Inmates are able to use these features:

  • Email between inmate and family and friends
    • Inmates must sign up for an email account
  • Music: more than 3,000,000 available songs
  • Games: 45 pre-approved games
  • Lobby Kiosk: adds funds to the inmate’s trust account
  • eBooks: more than 8,500

Ordering a Tablet

Tablets may only be ordered by an inmate through the DOC commissary system. Family members and friends can send money to the inmate in order for him/her to purchase the tablet through the commissary system. Using the JPay account system is required to do so. View our commissary lists for the latest price.

Ordering Link Units

A link unit is the equivalent of a penny and can be used to purchase songs, email messages, games and any items approved in the future by the DOC. They can be purchased through commissary orders.

Using Tablets After Release from DOC

After an inmate is released from prison, the tablet remains with the person. After the individual is home, they must send the tablet to ViaPath Technologies to have the mortality timer removed so it does not lock and prevent use. ViaPath Technologies will also load the software for WiFi and camera functions.

Contact ViaPath Technologies for Tablet Support

The ViaPath Technologies Friends and Family Customer Service phone line is: 877.650.4249