Commissary Lists

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An inmate's custody level determines the items inmates are permitted to purchase from the Department of Corrections (DOC) Commissary System. The commissary is operated by Pennsylvania Correctional Industries, a division of DOC.

Commissary Catalogs

Male Disciplinary CustodyFemale Disciplinary Custody
Male Diagnostic Classification CenterFemale Diagnostic Classification Center
Male Administrative CustodyFemale Administrative Custody
Male Quehanna General PopulationFemale Quehanna General Population
Male Quehanna Boot CampFemale Quehanna Boot Camp
Male Modified Loss of CommissaryFemale Modified Loss of Commissary
Male Long-Term Administrative CustodyFemale Long-Term Administrative Custody
Male General PopulationFemale General Population
Male General Population - No Nicotine 
Male General Population - No Detergent 

Package Program

​Keefe Group is the DOC vendor for the package program. Inmates meeting eligibility requirements can receive one package per quarter. Orders can be placed by family/friends and/or inmates through the Keefe Group's website, the phone at 1-800-546-6283, or the mail:

Access Securepak (PA)
10880 Lin Page Place
St. Louis, MO 63132