Bureau of Community of Corrections

Rules and Policies

The Bureau of Community Corrections' (BCC) goal is to provide individuals with a safe opportunity to successfully reenter the community while assigned to a DOC operated/contracted facility.

Basic security measures are enforced for the protection and safety of all who enter the center and live in the BCC community. When an individual arrives at either a CCC or CCF, they will review the rules with BCC staff to make sure the rules are understood. The reentrant must also initial each rule and sign at the bottom as an acknowledgement.

General Overview of the Universal Set of Rules

Reentrants will not:

  • Possess or use any type of weapon
  • Engage in physically assaultive/destructive behavior
  • Threaten an employee or other person with bodily harm
  • Engage in any behavior that threatens the safety and security of the center
  • Sexually harass or sexually assault/abuse another person
  • Comply with the search of my person, vehicle and/or property
  • Interfere with drug interdiction efforts (urinalysis, breathalyzer, K9, etc.)
  • Possess actual or suspected alcohol, illegal drugs, unauthorized drugs, drug paraphernalia or mind altering synthetic substances
  • Engage in any sexual acts with others inside the center
  • Leave the center without authorization or fail to return from authorized absence
  • Use alcohol, illegal drugs or unauthorized drugs
  • Use abusive, obscene or inappropriate language directed to or about another person
  • Go to unauthorized locations and will return to the center when expected or directed
  • Smoke inside the center
  • Possess contraband or any other item not approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections inside the center

Reentrants agree to do the following:

  • Comply with all sections of the PA Crimes Code, vehicle code and local ordinances
  • Notify the center of any change in my employment status or schedule and show paychecks/pay statements to the center for verification of work
  • Complete assigned tasks, follow center rules/directions and comply with interventions/sanctions given by staff


Just as the Universal Set of Rules all reentrants must follow, there are official DOC BCC policies that affect each individual as well: