Bureau of Administration

The Bureau of Administration is responsible for all of the Department of Corrections' (DOC) budget and fiscal matters. It is also responsible for management and administrative service activities, such as office management, procurement, automotive services, voice communications, grant financial reporting, inventory and property management and travel services.

Nicolette Cawley, Director | 717.728.2573

Vendor Registration

Vendors interested in bid opportunities with the DOC must register with the Department of General Services.

Businesses that meet the qualifications of a Small Diverse Business (SBD) or Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE) are encouraged to register with the Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion and Small Business Opportunities (BDISBO) for additional procurement opportunities. Questions regarding the SDB or VBE program should be directed to the Department of General Services (DGS).

Bid Information

Notice of bidding opportunities (with an estimated cost in excess of $10,000) are advertised daily on the Department of General Services website. Interested bidders can access all DOC bid opportunities at Pennsylvania's emarketplace website. Vendors interested in contracting through the Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) process should follow the ITQ Application Guide.

Information about: signature of bids, submissions of bids, withdrawal of bids, opening a bid tabulation, bid protest procedures and cancellation/modification or rejection of invitation for bids can be obtained in the Department of General Services Procurement Handbook. Questions about this procurement handbook should be directed to the Department of General Services.

Procurement Information

All procurement forms required for bids can be located/obtained from the Department of General Services. Questions about these forms should be directed to the Department of General Services.

Agency Purchases

Agency purchases fall into three categories:

  1. small procurements ($10,000 or less in estimated cost)
  2. delegated procurements (where the agency has required special or general delegation from the Department of General Services)
  3. statutorily - authorized procurements (procurements which are excepted from the Department of General Services' procurement authority under the Commonwealth Procurement Code).

Contact DOC Procurement Personnel/Purchasing Agent for additional assistance.

Security Requirements/Security Clearance Information for Vendors

All vendors and their subcontractors who utilize regular delivery transportation will have to submit clearance checks through the original vendor for all drivers (regardless if delivery is inside or outside of the fence). Common carriers will not be required to render clearance checks; however they are subject to search and escort procedures. All carriers reporting to outside warehouses must secure their vehicle, sign in at warehouse and wait for further directions from correctional staff.

Vendor should review statement of work or purchase order for additional security requirements/restrictions that may apply.

Awarded Contracts

Visit Pennsylvania's emarkplace website for additional information.