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Businesses are the heartbeat of our economy. They provide us with essential services, products, food, and jobs. Now it’s our turn to support our local businesses. Let’s OPENnsylvania and keep our businesses running to protect our community and economy.

Look for the Sign

Our restaurants are working hard to keep workers and customers safe. And they are finding new ways to keep our hunger for good food and community satisfied. Restaurants are reimagining their indoor and outdoor dining experiences. Taking takeout and delivery to the next level and adapting to new business models. Restaurants are continuing to serve us while adopting new practices around masks, social distancing, and digital menus.

And now there is another way restaurants are rallying to fight COVID.

OPENnsylvania & Certified Window Decal

When you see the Open & Certified Pennsylvania sign on a restaurant’s door, window, website, or social media channels it means they are a certified COVID compliant business. Being a certified business means they are taking every precaution, following all health guidelines, and keeping safety a top priority.  

Search our listing of Open & Certified compliant businesses to find restaurants near you. Businesses included in this directory have self-certified their commitment to mitigating the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing protocols, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting guidelines set forth by the CDC and state public health and safety requirements, the wearing of face coverings, and limiting their indoor and outdoor capacity.

Open & Certified PA Business Directory

To search for food inspection reports for all Pennsylvania businesses, regardless of their Open & Certified status, visit the Pennsylvania COVID Inspection Dashboard.

Become an Open & Certified Pennsylvania Restaurant.

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