Apply for Enrollment in a Pennsylvania State Police Law Enforcement Training Course

To enroll in a Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) law enforcement training course, review upcoming courses, download and complete your application, then email it to the PSP Academy.

Who can take a PSP training course?

Sworn officers and certain law enforcement agency employees can apply for training.

  • Enlisted or civilian PSP employees
  • Liquor Control Enforcement officers
  • Federal, state, and local law enforcement officers
  • Probation, parole, and corrections officers
  • Military personnel
  • Motor Carrier Enforcement Officers
  • Police Communications Operators and dispatchers

Applying for and attending classes

Send your application

Email the completed form to the PSP Academy at least 30 days before the start date of the course.

Getting accepted

If you are accepted to attend a course, an email will be sent to the student and their supervisor or chief at least 20 days before the start date.

If you are not accepted, an email with the reason will be sent at least 20 days before the start date.


If you can’t attend a course, your agency may send another student in your place. The new student must submit an application at least five days before the start date.


For any course with a prerequisite, you should include confirmation with your application form.

Course completion

Certificates will be issued to students who successfully complete a course. Unless approved or otherwise specified, 100% attendance is required for all courses.

Conduct and dress

Business attire with ID card displayed is required at all training locations unless otherwise specified. Students are required to abide by the PSP Academy Rules and Regulations.

Contact us

If you have questions, call the PSP Academy.

PSP Academy

Contact Lieutenant Brad Fuhrer at 717-533-9111, extension 430.