Subscribe to Pennsylvania State Police Public Information Release Reports

If you want to be notified when a PSP station or office publishes a Public Information Release Report (PIRR), visit the PIRR page, choose the location, and enter your email address in the subscription portion.

What are PIRRs and who creates them?

What is a PIRR?

PIRRs are reports, or press releases, from a PSP office or station about incidents that have occurred in that area. They may also contain information regarding public safety or other matters of local interest.

Types of PSP locations that post PIRRs

  • PSP stations
  • Bureau of Gaming Enforcement offices
  • Bureau of Liquor Enforcement offices

The Computer Crime Task Force posts PIRRs through the station that covers the area of each investigation.

Explore the map to find your area of interest

Each PSP Troop has locations that publish PIRRs which you can subscribe to.

PSP Troop map with counties

Subscribe to a PIRR feed

Visit the PIRR page. Use the map or the Station Directory to find the Troop that covers your area of interest. Enter your email address in the subscription email field, pick the station or office, and click Subscribe.


When a PIRR is uploaded by a PSP location you subscribe to, you will receive an email message.

PIRRs are available after the top (:00) and bottom (:30) of the hour. Email notifications are sent automatically and may point to a release that has been submitted but is not yet posted.

Unsubscribe from a PIRR feed

To unsubscribe, click the Manage Subscriptions link found on every PIRR email message. On the My Subscriptions page, choose the feed and click Unsubscribe.