Submit Police Pursuit Data

If your police agency needs to submit pursuit data to the State Police, get access to the Pennsylvania Police Pursuit Reporting System (PAPPRS) by using the contact form or calling the help desk.


The PAPPRS allows agencies to submit pursuit data and users to view statistics and reports.

Police agencies in the Commonwealth are required to make a record of any police pursuit and report it to the State Police. PSP collects these data, runs analysis, and compiles an annual report.

The PAPPRS site allows users to view annual reports, statistics and various analytical products. It is also the web-based portal through which an agency submits its data.

The information collected from this effort is used to:

  • help identify positive and negative factors influencing the outcome of vehicular pursuits
  • validate or refute the merits of police policy and techniques
  • recognize training successes and deficiencies

Sign up for access

If you want to submit data for your agency, contact the PSP Police Pursuit Reporting Unit Help Desk at 833-608-1950 or send a request through the PAPPRS contact form.