Request Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) Credit Approval for Your MPOETC-Certified Academy or Training Provider Course

Training vendors or academies that want to submit their course for review for CLEE credit should download the application and email the completed form and supporting documentation to MPOETC.

Requesting CLEE approval

MPOETC-certified police academies and commercial training providers can submit a course for MPOETC-approved CLEE credit. To apply:

  1. Download and complete the CLEE request form
  2. Provide a course outline (review the example course outline)
  3. Provide an instructor curriculum vitae/resume (review the example instructor CV/resume)
  4. Submit all required documentation to

The MPOETC training staff will conduct their review/approval process of the course once all required documentation has been received. 

CLEE frequently asked questions

CLEE courses are elective courses conducted by various MPOETC-certified police academies and commercial training providers that can be taken and credited towards an Act 120 certified officer’s annual in-service training requirement. In order to be approved for CLEE credit, CLEE courses must provide instruction on new or advanced skills. Therefore, courses that address basic academy-level skills, department level policies, annual refreshers, and/or requalification will not be approved for CLEE credit. 

MPOETC ONLY accepts courses for CLEE consideration by MPOETC-certified police academies and commercial training providers.

When submitting a course for MPOETC-approved CLEE credit, MPOETC-certified academies and commercial training providers must complete and submit the required documentation:

  • Complete the CLEE Request Form
  • Course Outline
  • Instructor(s) Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Submit all required documentation to

Once the required documentation has been received, the MPOETC training staff will conduct their review/approval of the course.

Courses that are approved for CLEE credit are sent an email containing the course’s official CLEE ID number along with a CLEE Roster to document ONLY Act 120 certified officers attending the course. Training providers are asked to maintain a copy of the completed CLEE Roster to verify officers who attended their training.

Approved CLEE courses are added to the MPOETC Approved CLEE Courses document that details the course CLEE ID number, course title, credit hours, and contact information. 

MPOETC Approved CLEE Courses can be found on the CLEE page. For further information about a specific CLEE course, call or email the designated point of contact.

It is the responsibility of the police department chief or his/her designee to data enter MPOETC-approved CLEE courses into their officers’ training records in MPOETC’S web-based Training And Certification System (TACS). That is how officers will be credited for their participation.

Training providers are to maintain the signed CLEE roster containing the names of ONLY Act 120 certified officers who completed their agency’s training in case MPOETC or a police chief would need verification of attendance.

Also, if a training provider distributes a certificate to the officers who attended their CLEE course, officers can then provide that information to their chiefs as well, as further proof of their attendance.

Most CLEE courses are valid for the year in which they have been approved. For example, if a course is approved in 2021, it will remain active and approved until its expiration on 12/31/2021. Expired courses are removed from the MPOETC Approved CLEE Courses document. Some CLEE courses are approved for more than one year and remain on the approved courses document.

To ensure a CLEE course is still approved, check the MPOETC Approved CLEE Courses document often.

For example, if a CLEE course was taken in 2020 can it be used for make-up training in 2019, or used towards the 2021 training requirement?

No. CLEE courses will count toward required training hours ONLY in the year they are taken. They may not be taken to make up missed hours for previous years and cannot be taken and saved for future training year requirements. Also, CLEE courses can ONLY be taken once and not repeated year after year.

In cases where officers are missing training hours for previous years, they MUST complete the MPOETC-developed MIST online courses on PAVTN.