Request Behavioral HealthChoices Program Services

If you are a Pennsylvanian who is enrolled in Medicaid and you need mental health and substance use disorder services, you can get care through the Behavioral HealthChoices Program. 


If you receive Medicaid health coverage and need support for mental health care or substance use disorder, Behavioral HealthChoices can help.

Behavioral healthcare covered through Medicaid is overseen by your county’s mental health office. Your county will help determine what services and care you qualify for and will connect you to its behavioral health managed care organization, which coordinates with local behavioral health providers to help you get services and treatment.

Connecting with Services

Everyone’s mental health journey is unique. Once you are enrolled in Medicaid, your local county mental health office will help personalize your treatment plan by determining your eligibility for service funding, assessing your need for treatment, and making referrals to appropriate programs to fit treatment and/or other service needs.

Managed Care Organizations

Each county in Pennsylvania contracts with a behavioral health managed care organization (BH-MCO) for mental health and drug and alcohol services. You will be assigned a Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization (BH-MCO) based on your county of residence. You will have a choice of behavioral health care providers within the BH-MCO's network. The MCO will send you a handbook outlining how to access services and outlining the benefits available to you. Counties are required to ensure high-quality care and timely access to appropriate mental health and drug and alcohol services, and to facilitate effective coordination with other needed services.


Apply online using COMPASS

COMPASS is an online platform which makes it easy to apply for, or renew, your benefits.


If you are enrolled in Medicaid for your physical health care, you also have access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment through Behavioral HealthChoices.

If you are not on Medicaid and are having trouble paying for behavioral health care, your county mental health office may be able to help. Contact them to learn more about your options for care.

What do I need to apply for Medicaid?

When you are applying for Medicaid, you may need the following information to help you complete your application:

  • Household income from jobs, child support, and other income sources;
  • Federal tax filing information;
  • Social Security Numbers and birth dates of household members;
  • Current or recent health insurance information;
  • Housing and utility expense information;
  • Proof of citizenship and identity if you are a U.S citizen like a birth certificate, driver's license, or state ID;
  • Non U.S. Citizens must provide documentation showing lawful residence in the U.S.; and,
  • Resource information (this includes bank accounts, vehicles, homes, property, life insurance, etc).

Note: Resources are not needed if you:

  • Are pregnant;
  • Are under age 21;
  • Have a dependent child under 21 living with you; or,
  • Do not have a disability and are under age 65



Are you or a loved one experiencing a mental health crisis?

If you or a loved one needs urgent mental health support, you are not alone. Call or text 988 to receive free and confidential support from a trained counselor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apply for Medicaid

Apply Online

Use the secure COMPASS website to manage your benefits


Apply by Phone

Call the Consumer Service Center

Call 1-866-550-4355

Apply In Person

Visit your local county assistance office (CAO) to apply in person, if you have questions, or need help with your application. 

Find Your CAO

Apply by Mail

Complete and print a paper application then send it to your local County Assistance Office. 

Download Application

Frequently Asked Questions

You should contact your Behavioral HealthChoices managed care organization’s (BH-MCO) customer service line for assistance. Your BH-MCO is based on the county where you live.

Your BH-MCO can help you find providers.

Your Behavioral HealthChoices MCO is based on the county where you live. Find your BH-MCO here

Medically necessary mental health and drug and alcohol treatment services are provided. Your care providers can help you determine what is medically necessary and the best treatment for your circumstances.

Each Behavioral HealthChoices MCO contracts with mental health and substance use disorder treatment providers in your county. You can work with your BH-MCO to find a provider available through your provider directory and call and make an appointment to establish care.

If you’re having trouble finding a provider, contact your BH-MCO.

Your BH-MCO can help coordinate care and services that you need. Your BH-MCO can help:

  • Answer questions about what care and services are covered or needed;
  • Find doctors, counselors, or other providers near you;
  • Make sure your services are covered;
  • Get transportation to appointments if needed; and,
  • Answer any other questions about coverage and care.

Contact Department of Human Services


Help is just an email away. Please do not include confidential details such as social security number or medical information.



The Customer Service Center is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you are in Philadelphia, call 215-560-7226.

Call DHS