Report Possible Criminal or Terrorist Activity

If you see something that seems potentially harmful, illegal or dangerous, there are three ways you can report it to the Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC). Call 911 to report a crime in progress.

What to look out for

Things that seem out of place may be related to terrorism or crime, especially more than one indicator, such as:

  • People acting differently from what might be expected at a location or an event
  • People in areas normally off-limits to the public
  • Someone asking questions about sensitive areas of a property, such as utility or security rooms
  • Someone asking unusual questions about an upcoming public event
  • Someone attempting to bring unusual packages into a public or industrial area
  • Someone that seems like they are trying to conceal their identity

Just because someone’s speech, actions, beliefs, appearance, or way of life are different than yours, that doesn’t make them a criminal or a terrorist. Some activities, taken individually, could be innocent actions.

When in doubt, report it. Let law enforcement professionals determine if the activity should be investigated.

Be careful

Don’t risk your safety or the safety of others while gathering information.

Send your information

You can report suspected activity by phone at 1-888-292-1919, by email to, or by the See Send app for Android and iPhone.

What information to send

Use the 5 Ws when submitting a report:

  • What is happening?
  • Who is doing it?
  • Where is it taking place?
  • When did you observe it?
  • Why do you think this may be criminal or terrorist activity?

Where your information goes

All reports go to the Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC). Valid concerns are forwarded to local, state or federal law enforcement for further investigation.