Teach in PA

Current High School Students

High School Student Pathway

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future career pathway! You have options for how and where your journey begins and ends.

Underclassmen (Freshmen - Juniors)

Talk to your guidance counselor about what option is best for you and explore the map below of approved certification programs and find some options as you prepare to apply to schools your senior year.

You can complete your teaching program as part of earning your bachelor’s degree. Private and Pennsylvania state schools offer education programs so there’s lots of different places for you to find your perfect fit. Pennsylvania Community Colleges (Find a Community College – Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges pacommunitycolleges.org) also offer affordable options designed to prepare students for transfer to a teacher education program leading to a bachelor’s degree.


As you’re making your final plans, use the map below to compare options and research if the schools you’ve been accepted to/are considering have education programs.



About to Graduate?

If you are about to graduate and attend college, check out our resources for students enrolled in college.