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Current College Students

College Student Pathway

Are you exploring your options, an undeclared student, or looking to switch majors? We’ve got you. The steps below outline what you need to do from enrollment to starting your career.

Get Your Bearings

Decide where to start depending on your current situation.


Enrolled in a 4 year college / university

Check to see if your school has an education program available and talk with your advisor on how to declare or change a major.


Enrolled in a community college

Get on track for a two year transfer program and explore options for where you will head next!

Some Pennsylvania colleges and universities participate in the PA Transfer and Articulation Center (PA TRAC), meaning they have identified specific courses and degree programs that transfer seamlessly among them.

Get Your Degree

Complete your degree program with relevant courses, student teaching, and other requirements outlined by your higher education institution.

Your academic advisor or program office will help ensure you’re checking the boxes for your degree!

Time to Graduate and Apply for Certification

Congratulations on your graduation! It is time to register for your TIMS account. Heads up: you can register before you graduate!

After registering, you will receive your PPID number and begin the certification process.

Your school’s registrar office will recommend you once you complete degree requirements and they’ll share the necessary documentation with the Pennsylvania Department of Education directly.

Find Your Career

Time to job search! Explore a few of the opportunities available for graduates looking for a career in the Commonwealth.

Explore Districts in PA

Explore school districts located across the Commonwealth.

Explore School Districts

Find Districts Hiring

Find school districts hiring in PA with our education programs map.

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Did You Know?

Some districts will reimburse your testing and application fees once you join the team!