Apply to Become an SOAB Approved Treatment Provider

Apply to become a treatment provider, approved by the Sexual Offenders Assessment Board, to treat Sexually Violent Predators in Pennsylvania.

What is an SOAB Approved Treatment Provider?

In Pennsylvania, individuals who have been deemed by the court to be a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) have a lifetime requirement to attend at least monthly counseling sessions in a program approved by the SOAB. In order to provide the required counseling to SVPs, treatment programs must apply and be approved by the SOAB. 


What are the Eligibility Requirements?

The full requirements are detailed in our SOAB Treatment Provider Standards, but include:

  • Minimum of three years experience treating sex offenders
  • License in the state of Pennsylvania
  • Minimum of 2000 post graduate degree hours of face-to-face clinical contact with sex offenders
  • Any unlicensed person on the programs staff who provides treatment services to Sexually Violent Predators must be under the direct supervision of a PA licensed professional
  • Any unlicensed staff member should have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree

How do I apply?

After you have reviewed the SOAB Treatment Provider Standards and eligibility requirements, complete the application


Mail or email your completed application and the necessary attachments to:

Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board

1101 South Front Street, Suite 5700

Harrisburg, PA 17104



What Happens After I Apply?

After your application is received by SOAB, the Clinical Director will contact you regarding next steps.