Request a Check Prior to the Purchase, Transfer or Return of a Firearm or Obtaining a License to Carry

If you are a Pennsylvania licensed firearms dealer, sheriff, or law enforcement officer processing a purchase, transfer, or return of a firearm, or a license to carry, contact the Pennsylvania Instant Check System unit for eligibility.


To determine eligibility of an individual to possess a firearm, it is necessary to contact the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) unit, if you are a:

  • Law enforcement Officer
  • County Sheriff
  • Pennsylvania Licenses Firearms Dealer

who is conducting a firearms-related transaction, including:

  • Purchase or transfer of a firearm
  • Obtaining a license to carry
  • Returning firearms held in safekeeping or evidence

Contacting PICS

Eligibility checks can be initiated by calling PICS or using the web-based tool ePICS. 

Dealer checks

Firearms dealers can call 1-888-684-7247 for eligibility checks.

Evidence returns

Officers with evidence return forms can fax them to 717-705-2308.  


Log in to ePICs for web-based queries at To set up access to ePICS, contact the PSP Help Desk at 1-877-777-3375 and choose the ePICS option. 

General information

Users with questions about PICS processes or forms should call 717-705-8843.