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You have the right to provide comments to the PA Parole Board when offenders become parole eligible.  

Office of Victim Advocate

About the Process

Crime victims/survivors can meet with members of the PA Parole Board in a confidential setting to comment on possible parole release. OVA advocates will facilitate the process and accompany crime survivors/victims who participate. 

What Does The Comment Process Look Like?

If registered with OVA you will receive notification when the offender becomes eligible for parole. This notification will include information on how to participate in the process.

If you decide to participate in the parole process, you will be assigned an advocate who will provide information and support to you. 


There are various ways you may provide comments before the PA Parole Board decision makers. These include: 

In Person: You may choose to meet in person. OVA offers this opportunity regionally in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and the Lehigh Valley. 

Virtually: You may choose to meet virtually. 

Written: You may choose to submit a written comment. Written comments may be mailed to OVA at:  

Office of Victim Advocate 

1101 S. Front St, Suite 5200 

Harrisburg, PA 17104 


Email: You may email your comments to:


Talk with an Advocate: You may work directly with an OVA advocate to prepare your comments for the Parole Board. You can call OVA at 800-563-6399. 



Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, all comments are kept confidential from the offender.  

A: Any previous letters, or comments that you have provided to OVA will remain on file for the PA Parole Board decision makers to review. You are always welcome to submit another letter, or to provide in person comments again, however you are not obligated.  

A: No. The confidential process is limited to the victim, an OVA victim advocate, and members of the PA Parole Board.

A: No. The decision to provide comments is deeply personal. All comments provided are made available to the PA Parole Board and reviewed prior to decision making.

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