Request Approval of Your Canine Certifying Organization for the MPOETC Canine Training and Certification Program

Police canine-certifying organizations that want to be approved under MPOETC's Canine Training and Certification Program should download and complete the application, create and gather the required supporting documents, and email them to MPOETC.

Application process

Canine certifying organizations seeking approval under MPOETC's Canine Training and Certification Program should:

  1. Download and complete the Application for Approval of Canine Organization
  2. Create a document listing your training curriculum, including learning objectives (if applicable)
  3. Create a document listing certfication standards of each discipline
  4. Gather letters of recommendation from a minimum of three (3) police department canine handlers certified by your organization
  5. Submit the application and all required documents above to

Review and decision

Applications will be reviewed by an MPOETC-approved committee of canine handlers and trainers for recommendation to the Commission. Applicants will be notified of the decision of the Commission after the next scheduled quarterly commission meeting.