Apply for MPOETC Grant Act 120 Training Reimbursement for Your Department or Training Facility

If your police agency or training facility is seeking reimbursement for training your personnel or providing in-service training, fill out the applications generated in TACS.

Police Departments

MPOETC will reimburse a department 75% of the tuition and 45% of the hourly wage (for the required hours of training) for any cadet hired by the department and paid to attend a certified municipal police academy.  

If an Agency hires a cadet and completes a Basic Training application through TACS, a reimbursement application will be automatically generated when the cadet successfully competes the Act 120 Basic Training Program.

To be considered for reimbursement, the hiring agency must provide all required documentation and submit the reimbursement application in TACS.

Police Academies

MPOETC reimburses certified municipal police academies for providing annual in-service training to certified municipal police officers. Certified academies that provide this required in-service training at no cost to certified officers will receive funds biannually.

MPOETC tracks the in-service training and notifies a school when an application for reimbursement is available in TACS. To receive reimbursement, school officials should complete and submit the application in TACS.

For more information

If you have questions about the Act 120 grant, contact MPOETC at 717-346-4086 or by email at