On Tax Day, Lt. Gov. Austin Davis Highlights Shapiro-Davis Budget’s Proposal to Expand the Property Tax Rent Rebate

Governor Shapiro’s budget would expand critical tax rebate to over 175,000 Pennsylvanians, help older Pennsylvanians stay in their homes

ALLENTOWN – As procrastinators rush to finish filing their tax returns today, Lt. Gov. Austin Davis and Acting Secretary of Revenue Pat Browne visited a senior center in Allentown to highlight the Shapiro-Davis Administration’s plan to expand the Property Tax and Rent Rebate program and put more money back in the pockets of older Pennsylvanians and people with disabilities.

“Ben Franklin once wrote that ‘in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,’ and while I certainly don’t want to disagree with a great Pennsylvanian, folks should know that Governor Shapiro and I are proposing a number of steps to cut taxes, grow our economy and lower costs for Pennsylvanians,” said Lt. Gov. Davis. “We want to eliminate the cell phone tax, lower business taxes and expand the Property Tax and Rent Rebate program to help more seniors and disabled Pennsylvanians stay in their homes. Our budget proposal increases real relief by ensuring 175,000 more people qualify and provide higher rebates for those who do.”

Governor Josh Shapiro’s proposed expansion for the Property Tax and Rent Rebate program would increase its maximum rebate to $1,000 and boost the income cap to $45,000, tying that figure to the cost of living moving forward. Under the Governor’s proposal, nearly 175,000 more Pennsylvanians will qualify and many of the 400,000 seniors who already qualify will see their rebates nearly double.

“The truth is that every year fewer and fewer Pennsylvanians are eligible for rebates through the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program because of the way the program guidelines are written in our law,” said Acting Secretary of Revenue Pat Browne. “It’s long past time that we take action to fix this reality. By moving forward with Governor Shapiro’s proposal to expand this program, we will deliver critical support for hundreds of thousands of our most vulnerable residents across Pennsylvania.”

The Property Tax Rent Rebate program is a lifeline for many and has helped hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania seniors stay in their homes. The program gives a rebate to low-income renters and homeowners each year, putting money back in their pockets. Since the Property Tax and Rent Rebate program began back in 1971, it’s provided older Pennsylvanians and people with disabilities with more than $7.6 billion in property tax and rent relief.

Lt. Gov. Austin Davis

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