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What People Are Saying About Governor Shapiro Implementing Automatic Voter Registration in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA – This morning, Governor Josh Shapiro implemented automatic voter registration in Pennsylvania, building on his unwavering commitment to defending and advancing real freedom in Pennsylvania – including the freedom to make your voice heard and have your vote counted. By taking this commonsense step, Governor Shapiro and his Administration are promoting election security, saving taxpayers money, and streamlining the voter registration process.

Starting today, Commonwealth residents who are obtaining new or renewed driver licenses and ID cards and are eligible to vote will be automatically taken through the voter registration application process at PennDOT centers unless they opt out of doing so. By implementing AVR, Pennsylvania joins a group of 23 states with leaders from both parties – including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia, Virginia, and West Virginia – who have taken this step to promote election security and save taxpayers time and money.

See what people are saying about Governor Shapiro implementing this commonsense process to streamline the voter registration process:

Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis: It’s National Voter Registration Day! Your voice matters. Registering to vote is your ticket to making it heard.  We’re dedicated to making the voter registration process as simple and convenient as possible for the people of PA.

Jaime Harrison: Great move for democracy by a great Governor!  Thank you Governor @JoshShapiroPA! #AutomaticVoterRegistration

Jonathan Lai: PA is implementing automatic voter registration, Gov. Josh Shapiro announced. When you get a driver’s license, instead of asking you whether to opt in and register, you’ll be registered by default (and can opt out).

Carter Walker: Getting a new driver’s license? Pennsylvania will now register you to vote, too. @GovernorShapiro moves to implement automatic voter registration.

Greg Sargent: Today @GovernorShapiro will announce that Pennsylvania is switching to automatic voter registration, potentially adding tens of thousands of voters to the rolls.  “I see voter participation as key to strengthening democracy,” Shapiro tells me.

Victor Shi: Amazing news: Gov. Josh Shapiro just announced Pennsylvania will adopt Automatic Voter Registration, making it easy for millions of Pennsylvanians—& young people—to register to vote. Democrats want to expand your right to vote while Republicans want to take it away. This is HUGE. This is a huge win for anyone who cares about democracy and voting rights. Today, Pennsylvania is joining numerous other states in making it easier for so many people to vote by registering them to vote when they get/renew their drivers license

New Pennsylvania Project: The New Pennsylvania Project is grateful that Governor Shapiro has taken these steps to increase Pennsylvania’s access to the ballot box. With  more than 1.2 million people eligible to vote but unregistered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, today’s announcement will undoubtedly help to close the voter registration gap.

Meidas Touch: This is massive: Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro is making automatic voter registration a reality in the Commonwealth.

Congresswoman Summer Lee: This is fantastic news! One step closer to reflective democracy for ALL people in PA.

PA House Democrats: On National Voter Registration Day, @GovernorShapiro has announced that for the first time ever Pennsylvania is an automatic voter registration state! From now on, when you get or renew your driver’s license or ID card, you’ll be registered to vote unless you choose to opt out.

PA Senate Dems: For the first time ever, Pennsylvania is an automatic voter registration state! @GovernorShapiro announced today that when you get or renew your driver’s license or ID card, you’ll be registered to vote unless you opt out of it.

Jocelyn Benson: This is incredible news – @GovernorShapiro just announced that Pennsylvania is now an automatic voter registration state. This is a game changer and will ensure more citizens can vote – on both sides of the aisle- than ever before. Happy National Voter Registration Day!

Sen. Vincent Hughes: This improvement in Pennsylvania’s voting system is a tremendous step forward and a testament to every civil and voting rights leader who has marched, raised their voice, and fought for a system that includes all Americans, including Black and Brown individuals or those who may feel intimidated to get involved. We are better and stronger when we bring all voices and perspectives to the table.

Sen. Wayne Fontana: Great move by @GovernorShapiro! Government should make it easier, not harder, to vote.

Sen. Jay Costa: Thank you, Gov. @JoshShapiroPA for eliminating obstacles to the ballot box & setting up Pennsylvania for automatic voter registration. Tens of thousands of citizens will be newly able to vote this year and participate in their democracy.

Rep. Matt Bradford: Democracy works best when everyone participates. This is great news. Thank you @governorshapiro!

Rep. Jordan Harris: Thank you to @GovernorShapiro for making this much needed change! Voting is how we exercise our voice and it’s only right to ensure as many people as possible can be heard!

Rep. Stephen Kinsey: Excited by @GovernorShapiro’s announcement this #NationalVoterRegistrationDay that Pennsylvania is now an automatic voter registration state. This will provide more eligible Pennsylvanians the opportunity to participate in our democracy!

Rep. Arvind Venkat: Thank you @GovernorShapiro for your leadership in enacting automatic voter registration in Pennsylvania. Our democracy works when we have every eligible voter participate in the political process.

Rep. Ben Waxman: Kudos to @GovernorShapiro for streamlining voter registration through @PennDOTNews. Democracy thrives when more people can easily participate in the electoral process. This is how we modernize and strengthen our democracy!

Rep. Rick Krajewski: This is great news! I appreciate the Governor’s leadership restoring and renewing voting rights across the Commonwealth.

Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler: Great news! We should make it as convenient as possible for citizens to vote!

Rep. Dan Miller: This is big! Thank you @GovernorShapiro for making it easier than ever for people to register to vote. Democracy works best when everyone is involved and has a chance to participate!

Former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson: Administratively moving AVR in Pennsylvania is a smart and responsible move on Governor Shapiro’s part. We’ve seen states across the country – red, blue, and purple alike – adapt their voter registration programs to today’s needs. AVR ensures that more people are registered to vote, in the correct places, with current information, and it does so in a cost effective and secure manner. That’s why states such as Georgia, have adopted this as a policy. Establishing AVR at Pennsylvania DMV offices not only protects the integrity of the state’s voter rolls, but also allows voters across the state – from veterans and their families to elderly voters – to conveniently and securely ensure their registration is up to date and that they can cast a ballot on Election Day. 

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