What Pennsylvania Business, Union, & Environmental Leaders Are Saying About the Shapiro Administration’s Historic Collaboration with CNX to Defend Public Health and Protect Jobs

“Today’s announcement demonstrates that collaboration, continuous improvement, greater public transparency, and strong regulatory standards are not just aspirational – they are attainable and essential” – Pennsylvania Environmental Council President Davitt Woodwell


“Hopefully, more energy companies come to the table and voluntarily agree with the governor’s team to implement policies we sorely need” – PennEnvironment Executive Director David Masur

Harrisburg, PA – Today, after Governor Josh Shapiro announced a first-of-its-kind environmental monitoring collaboration with CNX Resources Corporation, labor and environmental leaders from across the Commonwealth are praising the Shapiro Administration’s work to protect public health.

Through CNX and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s groundbreaking collaboration, DEP will be able to conduct the most intensive independent study of unconventional natural gas wells in the nation. CNX will provide DEP with unprecedented access to two future CNX well sites, allowing for in-depth independent monitoring of the air emissions at both locations before, during, and after development of the new wells.

This will make it possible for communities to understand the facts about natural gas development with more transparency than ever before and give policymakers hard data to inform environmental and public health policy for years to come.

See what people are saying about the new public health measures:

CNX Resources Corporation President and CEO Nick Deiuliis:

“In place of endless speculation and dueling rhetoric, CNX seeks to change this paradigm by open-sourcing facts, science, and data to all stakeholders and creating mutual trust which can serve as the basis for cooperation and real environmental and economic progress in the Commonwealth. This unprecedented approach to operational transparency is good for resident health, the industry worker, economic development, energy security, the environment, and community investment. We aim to lead the natural gas industry into a new era of sustainable domestic energy production, and that effort begins with this historic collaboration.”

Pennsylvania Environmental Council President Davitt Woodwell:

“The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) commends Governor Shapiro, the Department of Environmental Protection, and CNX for today’s announcement on advancing stronger standards and public reporting for natural gas development in the Commonwealth.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates that collaboration, continuous improvement, greater public transparency, and strong regulatory standards are not just aspirational – they are attainable and essential toward meeting the commitment made to all Pennsylvanians under Article I, Section 27 of our state constitution.

“Reducing methane emissions, strengthening waste control measures, and enhancing monitoring and public reporting will pay dividends now and in the future. We applaud the commitments made today by the Governor and CNX, and look forward to working with all stakeholders to see these critical initiatives effectuated.”

PennEnvironment Executive Director David Masur:

“PennEnvironment applauds Gov. Shapiro’s announcement to introduce a package of much-needed regulatory protections and safeguards against fracking in Pennsylvania. […]

“Poll after poll shows that the policy initiatives being introduced by the Shapiro administration are broadly supported by Pennsylvanians from all walks of life and all stripes. Hopefully, more energy companies come to the table and voluntarily agree with the governor’s team to implement policies we sorely need to protect our communities from the ravages of fracking.”

Clean Air Council Executive Director and Chief Counsel Joseph Otis Minott, Esq.:

“Clean Air Council strongly supports Governor Shapiro’s decision to move forward in implementing the commonsense public health and environmental standards recommended by the 2020 Grand Jury to better protect Pennsylvania residents from oil and gas operations. For far too long, the gas industry and too many elected leaders have shown a disregard for the harm the industry is causing to residents’ health and the environment. It is past time that our leaders adopt protections from this industry.

“We applaud Governor Shapiro’s leadership in recognizing the need to further reduce methane pollution from the gas industry, and look forward to supporting him and the DEP in tailoring the forthcoming federal rules to ensure they address the concerns of Pennsylvania residents affected by the gas industry. […]

“To demonstrate how the industry needs to do more, the Governor announced a partnership with the gas company CNX Resources, which agreed to disclose its chemical use and better monitor its emissions, something that residents in areas affected by fracking have been demanding for years.”

Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter Director Tom Schuster:

“As Attorney General, Josh Shapiro released a scathing report documenting the abuses of the fracking industry and the failure of the DEP to fulfill its duties to protect the public and environment from industry harms. Sadly, it has been over three years since this report was released and very little has been done until now.

“We are pleased with Governor Shapiro’s efforts to take steps within his existing authority to address some of the problems highlighted in the report through new safeguards. We look forward to engaging with his administration to create commonsense and necessary protections from fracking waste, toxic drilling chemicals, and climate pollution, as well as transparency requirements for the industry. That said, this is a first step, and more must be done. Voluntary corporate commitments are fine, but we need industry-wide accountability. The General Assembly needs to stop turning its back on frontline communities and pass laws to fully rein in the industry and protect the public.”

Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Executive Director Molly Parzen:

“We’re encouraged that Governor Shapiro is continuing his advocacy for critical measures to improve safety for children and families in communities impacted by fracking. It’s time for the state legislature to build off today’s announcement by imposing industry-wide standards that protect the health and safety of all Pennsylvanians.”

Senior Director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs at the Environmental Defense Fund Jon Goldstein:

“Environmental Defense Fund applauds Governor Shapiro for today’s commitment to address methane emissions from oil and gas operations through speedy adoption of the soon to be finalized federal methane rules and his announcement of efforts toward better, more transparent oil and gas air pollution and chemical disclosure data. Reducing the oil and gas industry’s methane emissions is essential for the future of Pennsylvania’s climate and public health.”

Shawn Steffee, Business Agent for Boilermakers Local 154 and President of the Southcentral Building Trades Council:

“It’s an honor to stand here today and speak on behalf of the Boilermakers and the building trades unions in Southwestern Pennsylvania. I want to thank Governor Shapiro and thank Nick for this opportunity. I’m also here today to recognize and applaud CNX and the natural gas industry for the environmental transparency that is taken regarding emissions and the environment. […]

“As the Governor and Nick said, we’ve all said that nobody cares more about the environment, and what’s going into the air we breathe, and the water we drink, than the people that live right here in Pennsylvania. And that includes the men and women who work in the industry. We just don’t live here. We also work here and we also raise our families here, our grandchildren and our kids. We all care what goes into the air. We all care what goes into the water. And we want that to be safe for everybody. Let’s keep Pennsylvania energy open for business, keeping our skilled workforce on a job in Pennsylvania and letting our men and women pack a lunch bucket to go to work – and not a suitcase to go to West Virginia or other states that are building energy infrastructure. Let’s continue to maintain our energy infrastructure and build on what happened here today.”


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