ICYMI: Local Leaders, Community Advocates, Law Enforcement Officers Praise Governor Shapiro’s Decision to Schedule Xylazine

“A critical step” … “the right decision [that] will save the lives of countless Pennsylvanians” … “[Governor Shapiro] consistently shows up, he consistently provides support.”  

Philadelphia, PA – Yesterday, Governor Josh Shapiro announced his Administration has taken action to limit access to xylazine, directing Acting Secretary of Health Dr. Bogen to submit a notice of intent to temporarily schedule it as a schedule III drug under Pennsylvania’s Controlled Substance, Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act.

Scheduling xylazine, among other things, requires manufacturers and distributors to verify that a practitioner is licensed and authorized to receive a controlled substance, which will help ensure the drug is not diverted from legitimate sources to harm communities while simultaneously preserving its important use in veterinary medicine.

In response, local leaders and elected officials, community advocates, and law enforcement leaders are praising the Governor’s announcement as another “critical step” to address the opioid epidemic, adding to the Governor’s multidisciplinary approach to this crisis.

Read what Pennsylvania leaders are saying about Governor Shapiro’s latest action to protect public safety and support Pennsylvanians suffering from substance use disorder.

Philadelphia Police Department First Deputy John Stanford: “I would like to express my gratitude towards Governor Josh Shapiro and his Administration for taking a critical step in the fight against drug addiction and drug abuse by adding xylazine to the schedule III narcotics list. The addition of xylazine to the schedule III narcotics list will provide us with more tools to crack down on those who are responsible for spreading this dangerous drug in our community.”

Philadelphia Councilwoman Quetcy Lozada: “I’m grateful for the constant support that Governor Shapiro has given to this community. He consistently shows up, he consistently provides support, and these are the types of leaders we need relationships with. I’m grateful for his administration and I’m grateful for the partnerships that I’ve been able to develop.”

Senator Christine Tartaglione: “I’m grateful that the Governor is taking this important step for naming xylazine an emerging threat. It has been a long time coming. This decision is the right decision, and it will save the lives of countless Pennsylvanians.”

Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association: “PDAA applauds Governor Shapiro and the Pennsylvania Department of Health for scheduling xylazine and nitazene as controlled substances. PDAA recently sent a letter to the Health Department seeking the scheduling of the drugs, saying they are extremely dangerous with no legitimate human purposes.”

Cumberland County District Attorney Sean McCormack welcomed the step and said the Governor’s order means someone could be charged for illegally obtaining the drug. “It’s not that the drug wasn’t already here, it’s just that we didn’t see it. Even if this is cut into fentanyl, it is not something that naloxone necessarily going to bring someone back from, so it really heightens the danger,” McCormack said.  

Community Advocate Rosalind Pichardo said that classifying xylazine as a schedule III narcotic will help slow down the spread in Philadelphia especially. “I think it’s going to be harder to get if they switch the status of how we can get this drug. I hope it slows it down,” Pichardo said.  

See some of what Pennsylvanians are seeing and reading about Governor Shapiro’s efforts to protect our Commonwealth from the dangerous effects of xylazine.

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