ICYMI: “A Great Move,” Public Safety Officials Praise Governor Shapiro’s “Bipartisan, Apolitical” Plan to Invest in 9-1-1 Dispatch, Firefighters, and EMS Providers

Governor Shapiro’s commonsense budget proposal includes over $50 million for 9-1-1 dispatch systems and $36 million for equipment and training for firefighters and EMS providers.

Harrisburg, PA – Yesterday, Governor Shapiro visited the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center in Eagleville to discuss his budget’s proposed investments of more than $50 million in county 9-1-1 systems and $36 million for equipment, training, and staffing needs for firefighters and EMS providers.

Governor Shapiro knows firsthand that local and county governments are on the frontlines keeping their communities safe, and his commonsense budget proposal prioritizes solving the most pressing issues Pennsylvanians face with an emphasis on public safety network investments – which is a top priority for the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.

Read what local leaders and first responders had to say about Governor Shapiro’s budget investments in 9-1-1 dispatch systems:

County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania President and Venango County Commissioner Chip Abramovic: “Our number one priority as county commissioners and all 67 counties across this Commonwealth is 9-1-1 funding. That’s bipartisan, apolitical, and is one of the key things that we need. This is critical to every single resident in our Commonwealth to get that funding. When you call 9-1-1, they don’t ask if you’re Republican or Democrat – they ask what your emergency is. First responders do not care what political parties we are. What we need is to have the funding to help give them the tools, the opportunities, and the responsibility so we can be better, and we can help individuals in a time of crisis.”

Montgomery County Commissioner and Chair Ken Lawrence: “I’d like to welcome Governor Shapiro home here to Montgomery County and back to the Public Safety Center, where he spent many years and much time as chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, and I also want to thank him for his commitment to increasing state funding for county 9-1-1centers like ours. I truly appreciate his support because he knows firsthand the valuable work our 9-1-1 center performs. The increased funding in Governor Shapiro’s proposed budget will be essential in ensuring that Pennsylvania’s 9-1-1 centers can continue to make a difference in our communities across the Commonwealth. And I urge our state legislators to consider this when voting on the budget.”

Deputy Director of Emergency Communications for Montgomery County Jennifer Cass: “Welcome home, Governor Shapiro, and thank you for bringing attention to the important topic of 9-1-1 funding in Pennsylvania. The heart of our 9-1-1 system is composed of county based 9-1-1 centers and their highly trained staff of telecommunicators. Pennsylvania’s public safety answering points processed more than 15 million requests for service in 2021. The 9-1-1 fee is the primary funding source for our critical 9-1-1 systems and personnel that provide lifesaving services every day. Governor Shapiro’s budget recognizes the challenges counties and 9-1-1 dispatchers face and invests over $50 million in that system and ties that funding to the cost of living, so we’ll keep up with rising costs.”

9-1-1 Telecommunicator Kimberli Wilson: “I would like to thank Governor Shapiro for being here with us today. And for his proposal to increase funding for 911 centers like this one and others across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Governor Shapiro’s proposal to increase funding for 9-1-1 centers will be essential in keeping 9-1-1 center fully staffed, well trained, properly equipped and able to evolve with changing technology. Our local and municipal governments and county governments are on the frontlines of the efforts to keep everyone safe in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. That’s why the Governor’s budget ensures that we have the resources that we need to do our jobs – to do them safely and to do them well.”

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