Governor Shapiro Highlights Progress on New I-95 Overpass, Touts Budget Investments in Workforce & Economic Development in Visit to High Steel Structures in Lancaster

Governor Shapiro, High Steel Structures Host “Beam Signing” Ceremony to Commemorate the Completion of the First Steel Girder and Cross Beam for the New I-95 Overpass

Lancaster, PA – Today, Governor Josh Shapiro visited High Steel Structures in Lancaster to highlight the work Pennsylvania-based companies are doing on the new I-95 overpass in northeast Philadelphia. High Steel Structures – using steel from the Cleveland Cliffs facility in Coatesville – is forging the steel beams that will be used to build the new bridge over Cottman Avenue on I-95 and today hosted a “beam signing” ceremony as they completed the first steel girder and crossbeam.

Since the initial I-95 collapse in June, Governor Shapiro led a coordinated state, local, and federal response with the private sector to reopen the roadway safely and as quickly as possible and completed efforts to get traffic flowing on I-95 again in just 12 days – well ahead of schedule.

“I’m especially proud to be here today with the team forging the steel girders that will carry the new I-95 overpass over Cottman Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia," said Governor Josh Shapiro. "You all are doing incredible work – and it’s yet another example of the kinds of big things we can do here in Pennsylvania when we come together. From top to bottom, the I-95 repair has been powered by Pennsylvania companies and Pennsylvania workers, including High Steel Industries and the workers here, who are forging that steel into 16 girders that will serve as the backbone of the permanent structure. This is what we can accomplish when we come together to tackle big challenges, when we believe in Pennsylvania workers and companies, and invest in their success. That’s why the budget I signed into law last week includes major new investments in economic development, manufacturing, workforce training, and infrastructure repair. We can build big things again in Pennsylvania if we invest and in the companies that drive innovation, the workers that power our economy, and the infrastructure that connects us all.” 

The rebuilding of I-95 in Philadelphia has been powered by Pennsylvania companies and workers. From contractors Abbonizio and Buckley who handled demolition and construction, to the hardworking members of the Philadelphia Building Trades who worked around the clock on the repairs and Delaware County-based Aero Aggregates who supplied the material the interim repair is built on, Pennsylvania-based companies and workers have shown what we can accomplish when we work together and invest in their success. Now, High Steel Structures is using steel from Cleveland Cliff’s Coatesville steel mill to forge 16 steel girders for the new bridge – a process that normally takes 6 – 9 months has been completed in just about 2 months.

“Governor Shapiro, Lieutenant Governor Davis, thank you very much for joining us and for shining a spotlight on the strength of Pennsylvania businesses like High Steel Structures. The I-95 collapse was a tragedy, and it was also almost an economic disaster. We know this – our red trucks are traveling that route every day delivering critical infrastructure products. Your swift action in marshalling the resources across the Commonwealth with Pennsylvania companies to rapidly deploy a temporary solution, and now make a permanent fix, made the difference,” said Mike Shirk, CEO of the High Companies. “We’re grateful for your leadership, we’re grateful for what you’re doing here in the Commonwealth, and we’re proud to be part of the solution. Like you, I believe we have great opportunity and a responsibility to increase the competitiveness of Pennsylvania.”

While at High Steel, Governor Shapiro and Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis also highlighted the commonsense budget Governor Shapiro just signed and the historic investments it makes in economic and workforce development to spur job creation, foster innovation, and provide funding to make Pennsylvania more competitive on a national scale.

“When we take off our red jerseys and our blue jerseys and put on our Pennsylvania jerseys, things get done for the good people of Pennsylvania. No one thought we could reopen I-95 In less than two weeks, but Pennsylvania workers and business got the job done – and there’s more work to come,” said Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis. “We got I-95 reopened, and now we’re rebuilding the permanent bridge with the steel beams forged here at High Steel Structures. And today, we’ve got a state budget that will deliver real results for the good people of Pennsylvania. Our budget delivers critical investments for infrastructure and economic development. We’re going to make Pennsylvania a national leader in innovation and job creation, and we’re going to do it in partnership with great Pennsylvania companies like High Steel Structures.”

Governor Shapiro’s commonsense, bipartisan budget includes major investments in economic development, manufacturing, workforce training, and infrastructure repair, including:

  • $23.5 million for workforce training and vo-tech programs, as well as an additional $6 million investment in apprenticeship and pre-apprentice programming that will lead to family-sustaining wages.
  • $13 million to make Pennsylvania more competitive on a national scale and drive economic development, innovation, and job creation.
  • $1 million increase in investment for the Manufacturing PA Innovation Program, which connects Pennsylvania’s universities with businesses to spur innovation and job creation here in the Commonwealth. 
  • Giving the Pennsylvania State Police sustainable funding and reducing their reliance on the Motor License Fund –  freeing up $125 million for infrastructure repair across Pennsylvania.

For more information on the progress of I-95 rebuild, visit PennDOT’s website. For more information on Governor Shapiro’s commonsense budget and the investments it makes in Pennsylvania, visit shapirobudget.pa.gov.


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