Governor Shapiro Announces All Cabinet Members, Governor’s Office Staff, and Senior Managers Have Signed Integrity Pledge

Additionally, All Governor’s Office Senior Staff and Cabinet Members Have Completed Mandatory Ethics Training.


The Shapiro Administration Continues to Ensure Highest Standards of Integrity Guide Every Action Taken By Employees Under Governor’s Jurisdiction.

HARRISBURG, PA – Today, Governor Josh Shapiro announced that 100% of the employees covered by his ethics package – all cabinet members, Governor’s office staff, and senior managers with the Commonwealth – have signed the Governor’s integrity pledge, and that all Governor’s office senior staff and cabinet members have completed mandatory ethics training, led by ethics expert Eric Fillman.

During his first week in office, Governor Shapiro announced a three-part ethics package to ensure that the highest standards of integrity guide every action taken by the public servants, officials, and employees under the Governor’s jurisdiction. Governor Shapiro’s integrity pledge and the mandatory ethics training are modeled after best practices he established in the Office of Attorney General.

“The integrity pledge every senior administration official and Governor’s office staff member has signed is a promise to the people of Pennsylvania that we will serve their best interests each and every day,” said Governor Shapiro. “As Attorney General, I held my agency and my staff to the highest standards of integrity and accountability, and I’m proud to say that we are bringing those same standards to the Governor’s Office. Together, we will promote trust in government and accountability for public officials while fostering dialogue and allowing our administration to bring people together to deliver results for all Pennsylvanians.”

“The work Governor Shapiro did in the Office of Attorney General is the gold standard in restoring institutional integrity and I am proud to continue that work by leading ethics training for the Executive Branch employees under the Governor’s jurisdiction,” said Eric Fillman, former chief counsel for the House Ethics Committee in Harrisburg and the first-ever Chief Integrity Officer under then-Attorney General Shapiro. “Because Commonwealth employees and Governor’s office staff are committing themselves to these high standards of ethics, Governor Shapiro can ensure the Commonwealth maintains an atmosphere of integrity and trust as he moves his agenda forward.”

“We are proud to say that the Office of Administration has worked to ensure 100% compliance with the integrity pledge,” said Secretary of Administration Neil Weaver. “We will continue working to ensure current and future Commonwealth employees operate under the highest standards of trust and integrity as they work for the people of Pennsylvania.”    

Read the Shapiro Administration’s Integrity Pledge here.  


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