Governor’s Advisory Commission on Next Generation Engagement Swears In New Members

Harrisburg, Pa – Today, the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Next Generation Engagement hosted a swearing-in ceremony for 21 new members. The Commission’s purpose is to gather information regarding Next Generation Pennsylvanians’ experiences and needs; review, evaluate, and assess programs affecting them; provide the Governor with information and recommendations regarding how best to meet their needs; and serve as a liaison from the Governor’s office to the community, providing information about programs and services that may be relevant to the needs of Pennsylvanians ages 16-26 years old. The Commission was established by Governor Josh Shapiro through an Executive Order.

“I am so excited to work alongside the Commissioners in this brand-new Commission, the first of its kind in the Commonwealth’s history, to make sure that youth in Pennsylvania have a seat at the table,” said Executive Director Ruby Mundok. “We have an exciting opportunity to have our voices heard by a Governor who is willing to listen and work with us to ensure that we are set up for success in our futures. I have no doubt that this group of Commissioners will be able to do great work.”

The Commission Chair and members are listed below.

Ryan Yeager of Delaware County, Chair

Mason Brenner of York County, Commissioner

Erin Confortini of Allegheny County, Commissioner

Samantha Tellez of Chester County, Commissioner

Elliot Copeland of Centre County, Commissioner

Tyler Crowley of Lancaster County, Commissioner

Elaine Ficarra of Philadelphia, Commissioner

Alex Hodge of Allegheny County, Commissioner

Sophia Fontecchio of Chester County, Commissioner

Drew Haritos of Luzerne County, Commissioner

Norman Harris II of Philadelphia, Commissioner

Aidan Levinson of Cumberland County, Commissioner

Brandon Max of Allegheny County, Commissioner

Paree Pasi of Bucks County, Commissioner

Jeremiah Pfadt of Erie County, Commissioner

Ashley Lynn Priore of Allegheny County, Commissioner

Owen Russell of McKean County, Commissioner

Izzy Saler of Montgomery County, Commissioner

Drake Smith of Chester County, Commissioner

Skylar Walder of Cumberland County, Commissioner

Anika Sapra of Chester County, Commissioner

To learn more about the Governor’s Advisory Commission for Next Generation Engagement, follow the Commission on Instagram.


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