Building on Governor Shapiro’s Executive Order, Shapiro Administration is Partnering with Pennsylvania State University to Help Commonwealth Agencies Lead on Generative Artificial Intelligence Usage and Governance

As one of Pennsylvania’s leading AI academic and research institutions, PSU will help provide the Commonwealth’s AI Governing Board with expert advice.


The Governor’s Office of Administration already issued an initial IT policy governing generative AI and a website to solicit employee feedback.

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Josh Shapiro announced his Administration is partnering with Pennsylvania State University’s (PSU) Center for Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Industry (AIMI) to leverage PSU’s faculty and research expertise for the generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governing Board and create opportunities for advisory support and collaboration on generative AI usage to empower the state workforce.

The Shapiro Administration views generative AI as a tool to enhance employee productivity and customer service – and earlier this month, Governor Shapiro signed an Executive Order immediately establishing standards and governance for generative AI use by Commonwealth agencies and employees to empower them to better serve the people of Pennsylvania. In addition to partnering with PSU’s AIMI, the Administration has also partnered with AI experts in private industry and higher education, including Carnegie Mellon University’s Block Center for Technology and Society, on industry standards, best practices, and research.

“As government leaders, we need to lean into innovation and adapt to the changing tech environment in a responsible way while we educate ourselves and work proactively to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of new technologies,” said Governor Josh Shapiro. “I signed an Executive Order to govern the use of generative artificial intelligence and take advantage of the opportunities these new technologies present to ensure our Commonwealth approaches gen AI responsibly and ethically. Penn State is already a national leader in thinking about and deploying AI, and partnering with another flagship university will help the Commonwealth use AI to improve the way we serve Pennsylvanians ethically and responsibly.”

PSU’s AIMI is one of Pennsylvania’s leading generative AI research academic institutions – and the partnering will link the AI Governing Board with PSU’s expertise to obtain insight and suggestions regarding the development, procurement, and deployment of generative AI technologies. PSU faculty experts will also provide advice as the Board oversees the responsible, efficient, and ethical use of generative AI across the Commonwealth and identifies opportunities for pilot projects in which the use of generative AI could significantly empower employees in their work. The partnering with AIMI will also enable the Commonwealth to adopt private sector innovations where possible, and to regularly communicate with PSU’s industry partners leading AI development and to facilitate innovation in the Commonwealth.

“This partnering directly reflects Penn State’s commitment to serving Pennsylvania as our Commonwealth’s land-grant University,” said Pennsylvania State University President Neeli Bendapudi. “We look forward to working with Governor Shapiro and his Administration to help these emerging technological breakthroughs meet the needs of Pennsylvania and the world for the shared benefit of our communities, our Commonwealth, and our global society.”

Less than a week after Governor Shapiro signed the Executive Order, the Office of Administration (OA) published a new website and information technology policy on generative AI to help guide and support Commonwealth employees. In addition to the website and new policy, OA will create training materials on generative AI usage and develop generative AI knowledge certifications for employees to ensure that employees understand what generative AI is and how to use it appropriately and empower them to upskill certain job functions.

“The Shapiro Administration is committed to the core values and employee-first approach to generative AI outlined by the Governor’s Executive Order,” said Secretary of Administration Neil Weaver. “The approval of a new policy and website on generative AI exemplifies the Administration’s approach to supporting state employees by giving our workforce the flexibility to learn and innovate with generative AI, accompanied by guidelines for responsible use in their daily work. We are also asking employees to engage with the Board by recommending other generative AI tools and pilot projects for the Commonwealth to consider.”

Additionally, the generative AI Governing Board, comprised of senior Administration officials from the Governor’s Office, Office of General Counsel, OA, and Department of Labor and Industry, will shortly hold its inaugural meeting. The Board will guide the development, procurement, and deployment of generative AI in the Commonwealth. OA will also explore ways to attract talent with generative AI expertise to work for the Commonwealth.

Governor Shapiro has also directed Commonwealth agencies to begin preparing for the impact of generative AI on government operations, public safety, and consumer protection.

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