In Philadelphia, Governor Shapiro and Legislative Leaders Tout Proposed Budget Investments in the Whole-Home Repairs Program, Efforts to Cut Costs for Pennsylvanians

Since taking office, Governor Shapiro has been focused on cutting costs and helping Pennsylvanians maintain – and stay in – their homes, and his 2024-25 budget proposes investing $50 million in the Whole-Home Repairs Program. 


The Governor’s budget proposal invests $50 million in the Whole-Home Repairs Program to cut costs for Pennsylvanians and help improve housing affordability and stability, health and safety, and energy savings for thousands of homes.

Philadelphia, PA – Today, Governor Josh Shapiro joined Representative Jordan HarrisSenator Nikil Saval, and Senator Anthony Williams to visit Philadelphia homeowner Dominique Young and see firsthand how her home has been improved through the Whole-Home Repairs Program. The Governor’s proposed 2024-25 budget creates opportunity by cutting costs for Pennsylvania families, including a $50 million investment in the Whole-Home Repairs program.

“For many folks who love their homes and have worked hard to take care of them – years of wear and tear have added up to big costs. The Whole-Home Repairs Program is a practical, commonsense way to cut costs and deliver real relief for folks all across Pennsylvania by helping them stay in – and take care of – their homes", said Governor Josh Shapiro. "We know this is a commonsense, practical investment that works. That’s why my budget invests another $50 million in Whole-Home Repairs Program. The need is clear, and we’ve seen Whole-Home Repairs deliver for so many Pennsylvanians all across this Commonwealth. We’ve got to do our part to keep cutting costs for homeowners and help them maintain and stay in their homes.” 

The Whole-Home Repairs Program, which is administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), gives grants to low- and moderate-income homeowners for essential home repairs, safety measures, and resident accessibility – as well as energy efficient upgrades including heating and insulation. The program also offers loans to small landlords to enable them to provide safe, affordable housing units to tenants. Program allocations are made to local county governments or nonprofits which distribute the grants or loans to qualifying applicants.

Residents and households looking to apply for funding through the Whole-Home Repairs program can go directly to for info on how to apply in your home county.

During the visit, Governor Shapiro met with homeowner Dominique Young, who received funding from the Whole Home Repairs Program through the City of Philadelphia’s Basic System Repair Program, coordinated by the Philadelphia Energy Authority through its Built to Last program, to fix her home’s structural damage and malfunctioning heat system and help her family with costly utility bills.

“I brought this home about five years ago for me and my kids. When I bought this house I was so excited, not knowing or even thinking about the struggles or issues I would face in the long run with this home. As a year or so passed, I started having electrical issues – home outlets blowing out, baseboard heaters going out. I had to even go to Airbnb with my kids. One day I searched “emergency home repairs” and found the Whole-Home Repairs Program. I filled that application also fast,” said homeowner Dominique Young. “They repaired the whole HVAC system, so I don’t have to use the baseboard heaters anymore. I had rotten beams in the kitchen and the floors were about to cave in, so they redid the floors in the kitchen. When I tell you all that this program is such a blessing, I truly mean it. I want to thank Whole-Home Repairs Program and Built to Last for everything.”

The Whole-Home Repairs Program also provides funding for county-wide agencies to address habitability and safety concerns, fund measures to improve energy or water efficiency, and make units accessible for individuals with disabilities. The program also provides funding to counties for construction-related workforce development. The program was introduced by Senator Nikil Saval in March 2022 as Senate Bill 1135 and signed into law under Act 54 of 2022.

“In the short time since its passage, the Whole-Home Repairs Program has fixed more than a thousand homes across our commonwealth and changed countless lives. The need for this program is every bit as enormous as we anticipated, and I’m grateful to Governor Shapiro for prioritizing housing in his budget,” said Senator Nikil Saval. “By fixing our homes, we’re simultaneously stabilizing communities, preventing abandonment and displacement, building a skilled workforce to keep our state at the forefront of the industries of the future, and protecting the place that is most dear to all of us – home.”

Philadelphia County received 11,717 applications in total for the first round of Whole-Home Repairs Program funding in 2023 and awarded $4,091,097 to 418 homeowners – an average award of $9,787. A February 2024 survey of 59 Pennsylvania Counties who received program funding showed that more than 22,000 applications had been received with 2,468 units/homes expected to be funded. Due to overwhelming response for limited program funding, nearly 17,000 applicants for the program are currently on wait lists.

“I’ve passionately advocated for the Whole Home Repairs Program alongside Sen. Nikil Saval and Reps. Rick Krajewski and Sara Innamorato, current Allegheny County Commissioner, recognizing the financial strain on families needing essential home repairs,” said Majority Appropriations Chairman Jordan Harris. “The inability to afford vital repairs prompts sales below market value, allowing investors to buy, renovate, and resell at inflated prices, displacing long-standing residents and robbing communities and families of the opportunity to create generational wealth. This initiative offers eligible Pennsylvanians grants of up to $50,000 to prevent displacement due to forced home sales below market value, coupled with Governor Shapiro’s historic expansion of the Property Tax/Rent Rebate, we strive to provide substantial relief and stability for Pennsylvania seniors and homeowners.”

“The Whole-Home Repairs Program is a commendable initiative,” said Senator Anthony Williams. “By providing grants for essential repairs, safety measures, accessibility enhancements, and energy-efficient upgrades, this program improves living conditions and promotes sustainability. It is a testament to the commitment to creating thriving communities and enhancing the quality of life for all.”

The Philadelphia Energy Authority’s Built to Last program is a one-stop-shop for whole home repairs, covering energy conservation, critical home repairs, and health and safety improvements. Built to Last is funded in part by the Whole-Home Repairs Program. 

“Built to Last coordinates and supplements existing home repair programs, including City, state and federal programs, utility, non-profit and even healthcare programs, to preserve existing affordable housing, build generational wealth, and ensure homes are safe, healthy and affordable for the long term,” said Emily Schapira, Philadelphia Energy Authority President and CEO. “We have served over 300 homes so far, and could not have done so without the innovation and support of Pennsylvania’s Whole Home Repair program. We are so grateful to the Governor and the elected officials with us here today for fighting for as much funding as possible for this important, effective program.”

In addition to the $50 million in funding for the Whole-Home Repairs Program, the Governor’s 2024-25 budget also addresses critical housing needs by:

  • Increasing the resources available for the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation and Enhancement (PHARE) Fund by $10 million every year for the next 4 years to help rehabilitate properties in need of repair and build new homes and apartments.
  • Investing $5 million in flexible grant funding for cities and counties to address immediate housing needs at the local level until disaster relief or other funding can be identified and be made available. 

To apply for funding through the Whole-Homes Repairs Program, visit Visit for more information on how the Governor’s proposed budget creates opportunity and cuts costs for Pennsylvanians.

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