Governor Shapiro's Accomplishments

Holding Corporations Accountable

Governor Shapiro fights for Pennsylvanians every day and continues to take on the powerful on behalf of the people.  


Held Norfolk Southern accountable for its train derailment’s impact by securing an initial commitment from the rail company to pay $7.38 million in damages to local first responders, businesses and residents, and state agencies’ work. Norfolk Southern reimbursed Pennsylvania fire departments and first responders $1 million, sent $1 million to Darlington Township and Lawrence County to assist with community relief, and reimbursed Darlington Township more than $500,000 to repair the road damaged as a result of the derailment at the Governor’s request.  


Partnered with New Jersey to form an interstate task force to strengthen labor law enforcement, address worker misclassifications, and protect workers’ rights. 


“IUPAT District Council 21 applauds Governors Shapiro and Murphy for responding to the wage theft epidemic with concrete action.”

- Fran McLaughlin, IUPAT District 21 Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer


The Department of Environmental Protection secured a $10 million agreement with Shell Chemicals for excessive air contamination, with $6.2 million earmarked for Western Pennsylvania’s environmental, health, and quality of life projects. 

The Shapiro Administration reached a $100 million settlement with Monsanto for contaminating 1,300 miles of streams and 3,600 acres of lakes with hazardous PCB waste – and $8 million will be spent in communities directly impacted by the spread of PCBs. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry held employers accountable for labor violations, such as worker misclassification, child labor law violations, and failing to pay employees. Since January, L&I opened 403 child labor investigations – a 276% increase over the prior year.