Office of Transformation & Opportunity

About the CTO

Ben Kirshner, Chief Transformation Officer

In 2004, Ben Kirshner founded Elite SEM (now Tinuiti), an award-winning digital performance marketing agency at the forefront of the then nascent industry. As the industry grew, the agency grew from search engine marketing to an online marketing powerhouse, with a comprehensive set of services designed to g row digital market share across the triopoly of Google, Facebook and Amazon, while building high growth digital marketing campaigns for multinational corporations and Fortune 1000 brands. The agencies expertise now spans Paid Search (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Shopping & Feed, Paid Social, Display Advertising, Amazon & Marketplaces, Affiliate Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), CRM, Email Marketing, Connected TV (CTV) and Creative Services Media collectively supported by Integrated Strategy and Analytics/Marketing Science teams. As a result, for over twenty-five years he’s worked with the best of the best practitioners. His agency delivered an average CAGR of 50% for 13 years, from its inception to its eventual sale to Mountaingate Capital in 2017. Subsequently, three agencies were acquired, the firm grew from 150 employees to over 700 employees, and in 2020, it was sold to New Mountain Capital. 

Additionally, Ben’s new and disruptive vision for the company culture garnered numerous awards, including the number one place to work in the USA for Millennials (featured on the Today Show), as well as top rankings in outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Best Company to Work For, and Crain’s. In 2018, Ben placed #12 by Glassdoor in the ranking of Best CEO. 

Headshot of Ben Kirshner, Chief Transformation Officer