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PEMA Completes After Action Review of Response to February Storms

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May 19, 2014

PEMA Completes After Action Review of Response to February Storms

Harrisburg – The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency has completed an After Action Review (AAR) of county, state and utility company response to a series of severe storms in February that brought snow and ice to south central and south eastern Pennsylvania, leaving thousands without power for days at a time.

“PEMA coordinated this AAR at Governor Corbett’s request,” said PEMA Director Glenn Cannon. “During the process, we met with partners and stakeholders at all levels of government and the private sector to identify what went well, and what areas can be improved in the future.”

The AAR found state, county and municipal governments and utility companies should look for ways to share data so that all parties have a clear understanding of the status of road closures and power outages. In addition, emergency management officials should work to identify critical needs and coordinate the response to prioritized areas.

The report also stated that while public and private sector organizations were able to utilize lessons learned from prior large-scale incidents such as Hurricane Sandy, continued collaboration and planning is needed to enhance future capabilities.

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Editor’s note: A copy of the After Action Review can be obtained here.​


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