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Chester County Shelter Opened to Support Those Without Power

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Feb. 6, 2014

Chester County Shelter Opened to Support Those Without Power

Harrisburg – Chester County Emergency Management supported by state agencies and the Red Cross have opened a shelter at West Chester University to support those who have suffered a loss of power.

The shelter location is the Sturzebecker Health Science Center, 850 S. New Street (South Campus), West Chester, Pa. 19383.

“With this loss of power many citizens in southeast Pennsylvania could be without power for days,” said Pennsylvania Emergency Management Director Glenn Cannon.  “With these cold temperatures, and the high number of outages, the county has requested resources and many agencies are now in support.”

Personnel from the Red Cross, PEMA, Department of Public Welfare and Department of Health all mobilized in Harrisburg to deploy to West Chester in support of the county lead operation.

"Chester County faces some significant challenges with these power outages," said Deputy Emergency Manager Robert Kagel, Chester County. "We found it essential to establish a large shelter as soon as possible to remain responsive to the needs of the citizens."

Parking for the shelter is available on-site, and for those with pets, members of the Chester County Animal Response Team will be supporting.

People are reminded that when they leave their home for a shelter they should turn off electrically powered items that should not be unattended.  Stoves heaters and other items that were on when power went out will be a hazard when power is restored.

You may need to bring a day’s worth of medications, pet food and other supplies as well as comfort items such as a child’s or pet’s favorite toy.

The Red Cross, administering the site, recommends:


1) Your patience and understanding. Red Cross will make you as comfortable and safe as possible, but you'll have company.

2) Medications and paper copy of your prescriptions in case they need to be refilled.

3) A favorite blanket or pillow (although they will be provided).

4) Books, games to keep you and your children occupied.

5) Pets as most warming centers and pet shelters are pet friendly. Bring a special pet toy and food.

6) Toothbrush, combs other toiletries.

6) Important phone numbers and other papers in case you need them or your phone loses power.


1) Alcohol

2) Guns

3) Excessive amount of personal items

Media contacts:

Chester County, Bob Kagel, 610-344-5000,

Red Cross, Dave Schrader, M (267) 246-4375,

PEMA, Cory Angell, 717-585-8809, 



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