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Governor Corbett Secures Support of Nation’s Governors to Call for Swift Action, Better Care for Veterans

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June 3, 2014

Governor Corbett Secures Support of Nation’s Governors to Call for Swift Action, Better Care for Veterans

Urges President Obama to Allow States to Inspect VA Facilities to Ensure Compliance, Patient Safety and Quality of Care.

Harrisburg- In an effort led by Governor Tom Corbett, six governors representing nearly 5 million veterans today called on President Obama to immediately put the health and safety of our nation’s veterans first and bring quick and decisive reforms to end the problems plaguing U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ health system nationwide.

“In strongly standing together to defend those who have defended us, my fellow governors and I are recommending to President Obama state-based action we can take to assist in addressing the current crisis with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA),” Corbett said.

The letter urges President Obama to allow states to conduct reviews of VHA facilities and recommend solutions by those outside of the current failed system, which will ensure accountability as changes are put into place to support our veterans with optimal care.

The letter also calls for the immediate suspension of the current VHA bonus system and to redirect that money for health care block grants, based upon the percentage of veterans in the state.  Additionally, the Governors are seeking federal vouchers to access non-VA health care for any veteran who is unable to secure a medical appointment within a 30-day period from the VA.

Florida Governor Rick Scott worked in partnership with Gov. Corbett in support of this effort. 

Corbett, a former member of the 28th Infantry Division of the Pennsylvania National Guard, noted that Pennsylvania is home to nearly one million veterans, making it the fourth largest veteran population in the country.

In addition, the governor has launched an easy to complete, internet-based form for Pennsylvania veteran’s to report concerns experienced at VA hospitals and facilities in Pennsylvania. The form can be accessed at

“The Inspector General’s report of the Department of Veterans Affairs indicates wide-spread delays in patient care throughout the VA health system,” Corbett said. “We need to know how widespread this problem is in Pennsylvania in order to fix it, and this web form will provide us the crucial information we need to work with the Federal Government to secure the care our veterans deserve.”

The Pennsylvania DMVA will compile all issues reported through the web form and forward those concerns to federal officials to help ensure that the needs of Pennsylvania veterans are addressed.

“These brave men and women have earned every ounce of our respect and admiration, and they deserve quality health care in the country for which they sacrificed so much,” Corbett said.

Media contacts:

Owen McEvoy, Governor’s Office, 717-783-1116

Joan Nissley DMVA 717-861-8720


Editor’s Note:  A copy of the letter can be viewed here.​


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