Grant Reimbursement

MPOETC can reimburse certain expenses related to training municipal police officers to police departments and certified police academies.


Act 89 of 2013 authorized an annual grant of $5,000,000 for the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) to reimburse certain expenses related to training municipal police officers.  Reimbursement under this grant will only be considered for police officers who are trained and certified through the Act 120 program. 

Currently, MPOETC will reimburse a department 75% of the tuition and 45% of the hourly wage (for the required hours of training) for any cadet hired by the department and paid to attend a certified municipal police academy. Reimbursement applications are generated in TACS when a cadet who was hired (and had a Basic Training Application completed by the hiring department) graduates from the basic academy. The department must provide all required documentation and submit the application in TACS to be considered for reimbursement. 

MPOETC also reimburses certified municipal police academies for providing annual in-service training to certified municipal police officers. Certified academies provide this required in-service training at no cost to certified officers and then receive funds biannually from MPOETC.  Only certified municipal police officers are eligible for reimbursement so academies charge the MPOETC-established tuition to non-certified officers who attend in-service training.

Requesting reimbursement

The grant reimbursement document (PDF) and the PA Office of the Budget vendor page provide further guidance for requesting reimbursement.

If you have any questions about the Act 120 grant, please contact the main MPOETC number at 717-346-4086 or email

More grant programs

Additional grants for law enforcement training and operations are available through various sources, including both federal and state programs. The programs below are not administered in any way by MPOETC; the links and information are provided as a courtesy for departments interested in pursuing grant funding through these organizations.

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency administers several state and federal grant programs.

The Department of Justice offers funding opportunities to support law enforcement and public safety activities.