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Accessibility Notice

Accessible websites ensure that as many people as possible can use internet-based information and services, regardless of disability or functional limitation. Commonwealth agencies are required to produce accessible websites in compliance with ITP-ACC001 (PDF). This policy establishes guidelines for the development of accessible websites and other information technologies for citizens requiring assistive technologies.


Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services contributed to the design and development of the PDS to ensure maximum usability of digital components and create a shared understanding of accessibility considerations for future digital services. The BBVS helped develop documentation that is vital to the implementation of the PDS with a high code of compliance and expected level of usability that benefits all Pennsylvanians. Assistance was also provided by the Pennsylvania Employment, Banking, and Revenue Delivery Center within the Pennsylvania Office of Administration.


Feature requests, enhancements, potential bugs, and general feedback can be delivered to the PDS team via our contact form.

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